A job in the maritime industry can be a great way to launch a lifelong and lucrative career. Our mission with Work The Waterfront is to let people know that these jobs exist, but we don’t currently have a forum to share job listings. Some avenues you might consider include:

  • Research shipyards, stevedores or labor providers in your area that may provide an apprenticeship or training program for various jobs in maritime. These jobs could include welder, mechanic, carpenter, electrician, metal work and more. Some of these are available on https://www.apprenticeship.gov/.
  • You can also find these types of jobs on career websites such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter. We recommend search terms such as “shipyard”, “shipbuilding”, “stevedore”, or “port operations”.
  • Shipbuilding BYF is a reputable organization that can help connect job candidates with potential employers.

Good luck in your search and please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We are regularly posting information on the different types of jobs available and that may help guide your research.