The U.S. maritime industry is a critical part of our national and global infrastructure and economy. The hundreds of thousands of individuals employed along U.S. shorelines drive our country forward with each container they unload and each vessel they build.

At The American Equity Underwriters, we work with hundreds of waterfront employers who tell us that recruiting, training, and retaining skilled labor are among their biggest challenges – and growing in importance as tenured employees retire at an increased pace. With student loan debt at an all-time high, and more individuals seeking careers that don’t require a degree, we believe a trades revolution is upon us. Now, our industry is competing for the next generation of skilled labor.

Maritime employers know the opportunities that exist. Many job candidates don’t. That’s why we developed Work The Waterfront, a marketing campaign designed to drive interest in maritime industry careers. We use modern marketing tools such as social media, search engine advertising, and video storytelling to enable us to target individuals seeking a rewarding career in the skilled trades — and showcase the maritime industry as an attractive option.

As a maritime employer, we encourage you to add your business to our job board where we hope to connect you with qualified employment leads. All of our advertising will direct job seekers to this page and from there, they will have the opportunity to connect directly with your business for open job opportunities.